Sometimes renovating can feel like a game of Dominoes, except you’re trying really hard to keep your main Domino from crashing into all the other Dominoes, and sending your budget tumbling out of control.

For this project, it started small. The owners wanted to remove the carpet in the living room, and put in new hardwoods to match the rest of the house. Except, what separated the living room from the rest of the house was a kitchen with tile flooring.

We talked through 2 options: (1) replace the carpet with hardwoods or (2) also demo the tile in the kitchen and have the hardwood floors connect through, so there is seamless flooring throughout the home.

They chose option 2. A bit more money, but it will look great when its done.

As we stood in the kitchen, imagining how the home would look with hardwood floors throughout, we started looking at the kitchen cabinets. Even though the cabinets were quite dated, they were still in good condition.

The owners brought up the idea of refinishing and painting the cabinets to update them. This can be very labor intensive, and even more expensive than just putting in brand new cabinets. So they decided to get new cabinets and countertops.

Now we’re doing new floors, and demoing the kitchen and putting in new cabinets. But, why stop here? After walking into the dining room (on the other side of the kitchen), we talked about how great it would be to take the wall down between the kitchen and the dining room to completely open up the floor plan, remove the upper cabinets, and turn it into a peninsula. With the peninsula, the island would be connected to the wall in a U-shape, but the kitchen will have an unobstructed view into the dining room and family room.

Let’s take those cabinets and wall down, and bring that tile up!

Can you tell that this kitchen had a previous opening into the dining room? Someone must have closed up this wall at some point. This was also a load-bearing wall, which means we needed to add a support beam to maintain the structural integrity of the home.

We discovered the tile was on top of linoleum, which was on top of more tile, on top of subfloors. That’s a lot of layers.

We also began to demo the 2 *unique* steps into the living room, to be replaced by new steps, built to code. Everyone was excited to replace these steps, which had turned out to be a big tripping hazard.

It’s the end of week 1, and we’ve finished demo of all the flooring, cabinets, wall, and steps. Next, the hardwood floors are going in, followed by new cabinets the following week, and countertops and appliances after that. By the end of June, there will be a completely new kitchen with beautiful hardwood floors throughout the home.

Check out the finished remodel!

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