2nd Master Suite


2 Master Suites? Definitely.

Would you prefer to have a family room with a wet bar, or a second master suite? That probably depends on how you are using the home.

For this vacation home, converting the family room into a second master suite was an easy decision. And everyone couldn’t be more excited with how it all turned out.

As you can see, there was a good functional set up, with the wet bar located where the new bathroom would be. The first step was to have architectural drawings of the existing floor plan, and drawings of the proposed changes. Then we submitted these drawings with permit applications.

The entire process can be a bit complicated, and building inspectors tend to have different areas they focus on. So you could have approved plans that change down the road because a different inspector noticed a completely new item that needs to be made. This happened during our project — but fortunately we were able to accommodate for the change. We had originally planned for an extra-long bathtub, and the layout was approved. However, it was noticed by another inspector that the clearance between the bathtub, vanity, toilet, and door wouldn’t work with that layout. As a result, we adjusted back to a standard size tub, and extended the bathroom wall 18″ further than originally planned.

We were concerned about how these changes would look in the room — so we did a site visit, mapped everything out in the room (again), and got everyone’s approval for the new plans. After that, the process went relatively quickly. A new doorway was framed and installed (since the family room didn’t have a door), followed by demo of the wet bar, and framing the new bathroom.

Its not the best framing picture, but given that it was taken on a flip phone that has seen better days, it could be worse! You can also see that the bedroom door has now been stained to match the interior of the room.

We selected dark gray tile for the floors with a matching grout, carrerra marble tiles in the shower, and a carrerra slab with white shaker vanity. Everything came together beautifully.